What Makes LaminaHeat Unique

Automotive Interiors

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What Makes LaminaHeat Unique

Surface Deicing

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What Makes LaminaHeat Unique

Rail Transit

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What Makes LaminaHeat Unique

Industrial Tooling

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What Makes LaminaHeat Unique

Personal Comfort 

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What Makes LaminaHeat Unique

Bridge Decks

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Extremely thin and lightweight

This Powerhouse weighs less than a sheet of paper but converts 100 % electrical energy into 99.7 % Heat. Virtually 100 % efficient.

Wide Power Range

Is a specific voltage needed? No problem. From 6 Volt or 680 Volt, VAC or VDC – LaminaHeat has the solution.

Large Current Range

From 50 Watt to 5000 Watt –  the LaminaHeat solution still has only the mass of a piece of paper. Its unique relationahip between power and current provides design capabilities for the most economic solution.

Production capabilities

State-of-the-art production process allows for widths of up to 2000 mm on a continuous basis with very low tolerance variation. This leads to a very homogenous heat distribution over the entire surface area.

Wide Matrix variability

LaminaHeat can be incorporated into almost any matrices (Thermoset, Thermoplastic, inorganic, metallic, organic etc.) allowing for very good mechanical and chemical bonds.

High Process Integrity

LaminaHeat typically becomes part of the existing product matrix without any noticeable increase in additional material thickness allowing for easy integration into existing production processes, often without further capital investments.

Environmentally friendly

Made from environmentally friendly materials, and in additon to its extremely low weight, LaminaHeat contributes no enviornmantal hazards to a finished product.

Proximity to Surface

Being a real full surface heater, and as thin as a human hair, LaminaHeat can be placed just millimeters away from the final radiating surface allowing, by far, for the most efficient heating solution. "Smart Housing" needs LaminaHeat's "Smart Heating".


The Ice Preventer


PowerMelt™️ is perfectly suited for outdoor applications where an efficient and fast prevention of ice build-up on walkways, roofs, roads, bridges, drive-ways is required.

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PowerFabric C

High Matrix Variability


PowerFabric™️ can be embedded in a large range of resins, adhesives and inorganic components. Liquid resins or prepregs penetrate the open fiber structure and allow for an airfree impregnation either under vacuum or higher pressure.

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Flexible like a Textile


ComfortFlex™️ can be combined with any woven or non-woven textile and will generate healthy warmth at almost 100 % efficiency. Ideal for heated seats, work and leisure clothing, medical and physical therapy applications, heated blankets or mattresses etc.

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It's Flat


ComfortFilm™️ is typically used in areas where a flat, homogenous and easy to handle heating film is required, such as residential or commercial buildings for flooring, wall and ceilings or heating of Mass Transportation vehicles like Railcars, Busses or Cruise ships.

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It's Easy!

Putting heat where it is needed

No experience with the use of heating elements in your products? This is not an obstacle. LaminaHeat has developed a "ToolBox" that contains all the elements you need for the right solution quickly and efficiently: determination of the correct heating element, integration into your product as well as recommended electrical connections, sensors, transformers and thermostats.

Our "ToolBox" contains everything you need to go to market in the shortest possible time. We have already built the complete supply chain for you to use.

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Photo Gallery

Here you can find photos of our different products PowerMelt™️, PowerFabric™️, ComfortFlex™️ and ComfortFilm™️.

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It's Teamswork

Putting heat where it is needed

Bringing a product to market takes time and the costs of research and development are not always recovered. Accordingly, companies are concerned when it comes to "being the first".  

With LaminaHeat it is easier and simpler. First, LaminaHeat is easy to integrate with many materials – from coatings, to adhesives and resins to thermosets and thermosets (and many more).  Second, our engineers and developers provide you with technical support and advice. This saves you both time and money.

Your products are quicker to market for a quicker return on investment. 

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The knowledge behind the heat

Behind LaminaHeat are composite engineers – specialists in thermoplastics who know the formulas for working materials and products. Together with our electrical engineers, they develop individual solutions that pass the field test.  A real benefit to you and your customers.

The platform to success

LaminaHeat is a platform technology that allows customers to quickly and safely integrate heat into their products. Customers are given access to the "ToolBox", which contains all necessary elements to ensure rapid implementation in new customer products. This not only significantly reduces the technical risk, but also considerably shortens the time line for the market launch.

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